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Dorothy's Place -

A support program for 2SLGBTQI+ seniors in Scarborough and East York.

Case Study


Dorothy's Place wanted us to create a website which will help them keep their members up-to-date with their events, find new members, and find new donators.


Dorothy's Place Events page is created to help the current members find information on their events easily, to organize recurring and upcoming events guided with clear instructions, to reach out to new members by sharing previous events in an inviting way, and to provide information for those who are looking to donate to Dorothy's Place.

My Role:

UX/UI Designer - Events Page

Tools Used:


Adobe Photoshop

InVision Studio

Project Timeline:




We started the project by conducting a meeting with our client to get a better understanding of their needs for the website. After defining our deliverables and our timeline, we initiated the user research by sending out 15 surveys to the members and the stakeholders of Dorothy's Place.



With the survey results and the additional research we have done on our user groups, we created two personas representing the two different user groups; members and the stakeholders.

Persona 1 for Dorothy's Place

Persona 1 for Dorothy's Place

Persona 2 for Dorothy's Place

Persona 2 for Dorothy's Place


We created the sitemap considering the personas' frustrations and goals to come up with the structure that would best serve the users. 
We divided the project into two phases by prioritizing the MVP due to time and resource constraints.

Sitemap for Dorothy's Place



We split up the wireframes based on pages, and I created the Events page. We followed the same design guideline, prioritizing clarity in the overall design of the website.
The members needed the Events page to be informed of online events that Dorothy's Place offers weekly. Since our client had fixed events every Monday and Friday I created a section for the recurring events to highlight them. For the upcoming events, I created a calendar design with a functional filtering system for the location and category of events that our client wanted to have in the future. I incorporated visual elements to simplify the instructions for attending the meetings.

Final Product


You can explore the final product prototype by clicking the button below:


What I Learned

This was the first UX client project that I got to work on with my team members. I appreciate the opportunity because I got to experience how to define our client's wants and needs, and manage tasks and deliverables in the most efficient way with my team members. By obtaining our client's feedback at every step of the project, I got to practice how the iterative design process works.

Other Works

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